The Best Online Slots- A Glossary For Beginners

Sports betting, an activity that has become widely popular in recent years, can seem quite confusing to some. Essentially, it is the task of forecasting the end results of a sports event by making a wager on it. Many advocators define it as an activity of leisure for sports enthusiasts that benefits the players, organizations, and leagues. There are people who earn excellent revenues from sports betting.

The sports betting jargon can be complicated, especially for the first timers. The glossary below contains various commonly used terms and strategies used in the สล็อตเว็บตรง ที่ดีที่สุด.


  • Action- Substitute in place of bets.
  • Bankroll- The available funds you have to bet with.
  • Bookmakers- Bookies, licensed people who set lines, accept bets.
  • Chalk- Favored team or player.
  • Closing line- Final odds before a game started.
  • Dime- A $1000 bet
  • Dog- Underdog; team or player the bookies think would lose, not favored to win.
  • Edge- An advantage a bettor has against the house.
  • Hedging- When someone puts some money on the opposite side they’ve already bet.
  • Hook- Half-point.

  • Grand Salami- Type of over/under bet including all totals for the night.
  • Juice- Vig or vigorish; commission a bookie earns on bets.
  • Key Points- Most common margins of defeat.
  • Limit- Maximum amount a bookie will take on a bet.
  • Lines- Odds.
  • Middle- A strategy used in whichboth sides of a game are betted on so there’s an opportunity to win both bets.
  • Nickel- A $500 bet
  • Over/Under- Total, total amount of points which will be scored on a game.
  • Off the board- A game or event you’re not allowed to bet on by the bookie.
  • Parlay- When multiple bets are made by the bettor, and are then tied together, risky proposition.
  • Pick-em – Instance where neither team is favored.
  • Prop- Bet- A bet on something not included in the outcome of a game.
  • Push- When there’s no winner at the end of a contest.
  • Real time Odds- Lines that are live and that update as soon as bookies adjust their lines.
  • Return on Investment (ROI)- A measure of performance used to assess the efficiency of an investment.
  • Runner- A person who places a bet on behalf of someone else.
  • Teaser- A special bet that allows you to adjust the total or point spread for a game.
  • Wager- Any sort of bet.

Sports Betting is, for sure, a leisure activity that can be a good source of income, when mastered. The quick answer to where you should place your bets- the bookie with the most advantageous odds. Before getting into, one should be careful not to get involved in the many scandals frequently seen.