How it works and what is RTP slot machine

You may have noticed that every time you check the rules and features of a slot machine, offered by a digital casino, you find the Slot Machine RTP percentage . For this reason, some will wonder what this phantom acronym is and what the implications are in choosing a specific slot machine, with a lower or higher RTP.

What is RTP Slot Machines

Let’s start with the meaning in English ” Return to Player “, which translated, is nothing more than the ” Return to the player “, therefore the amount of money that (over time) can return to the player in the form of winnings when playing slots machine. To clarify better, let’s see a specific example: if a slot device gives an RTP commission of 98%, it implies that every 10 bucks risked on a slot device, 9.8 bucks return to the player high rtp slot machines.

Obviously, each player will be able to win or even lose different sums. This amount is completely the significance it needs to suggest, how much is refunded, in the high term and on a statistical source, by the slot device.

rtp slot

Some players will win something, some may lose two cents, and some even more. However, in the long run, the slot machine will always return the stated RTP to the player. The logical reasoning, therefore, is to choose the online slot machine with the most advantageous (highest) RTP, because it offers the greatest chance of winning cash prizes.

The suggestion is flawless and as already said it is logical, but there is a but, and it is also necessary to consider the reverse of the medal. If all players have more chances to win, it implies that additional of them will gain a victory at a slot device that gives a poorer RTP, and this gives rise to the jackpots slight significant and hence valuable.

Another way to consider the RTP is to be the opposite of the house advantage, i.e. how much profit the dealer has on average on each game hand. To be clear, the house almost always wins and this also applies to slot machines: there are no video slots with an RTP percentage of 100% or even higher. However, there are slot machines that are very close to 100%.